Can a Probiotic really help you this flu season?

Can a Probiotic really help you this flu season?

Did you know Australia is in its peak of the flu season? And In 2017 there was more than 57,000 notifications of cold and flu just in Queensland.

Naturopath/Nutritionist and PONO Probiotics ambassador Jess Blair shares how a daily probiotic can help reduce flu systems and improve your immunity this flu season.

Jess breaks it down for us and explains that “the main function of a probiotic is too boost the immune system to make fighting off the cold or flu easier. Probiotics have shown to increase the production of antibodies that combat the cold and flu virus. It is these beneficial microbes that can help the immune system to quickly and efficiently respond to a viral challenge and protect the body against further infections.”

Jess’s answers three most commonly asked questions about how to fight off a cold or flu -

Q - Should you increase the dosage amount of a PONO probiotic when you have a cold of flu?

A -  Probiotics are great to take all year around, if you feel a cold or flu coming on, it absolutely can’t hurt to have a serving in the morning and night.


Q - Will taking a daily PONO probiotic interfere with other vitamins that help fight off a cold or flu; for example, zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D?

A -  No probiotics are perfectly safe to take anytime of the day with your meals. It will not interfere with your other vitamins.


Q - If you have chosen to get the flu shot when is it best to take PONO Probiotics?

A – Taking PONO probiotics before and after the flu shot is a good way to ensure you are getting the best immunity possible for the winter season.



Jess’s tips for boosting your children’s immunity this winter:

  • Include PONO probiotics in their daily routine
  • Encourage well rounded and healthy food choices for each meal and snack
  • Remind your children of good hand hygiene
  • Bin tissues after one use
  • Cover their face when coughing or sneezing
  • Avoid sharing


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  • Helen says...

    Oh. That’s good that probiotics can do something in flu season. Thanks for this article.

    On Jun 14, 2018

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