How do I administer to my newborn?

If breastfeeding express a small amount of breastmilk or water and mix it with the correct dosage to make a paste – this can be smeared on baby’s gums, onto the nipple before a feed or syringed into the mouth.

If baby is taking a bottle, either breastmilk or formula, mix the correct dosage in with the liquid.

If your baby is on solids you can add the correct dosage in with cooled or room temperature food.


Does the product need to be refrigerated?

Yes, once opened please keep in the fridge


Is the product Gluten Free?

Yes, it is


Where is the product produced?

The product is manufactured in a TGA Licensed, Certified Organic, cGMP Compliant laboratory in Australia


Can I take the probiotics if pregnant or breastfeeding?

We recommend checking with your healthcare professional before taking


Do the products contain preservatives?

No, all products are 100% natural with no added chemicals or preservatives.