Looking after the whole family from the inside out.

Probiotics that are yummy and fun.


Our belief in the benefits of probiotics was born in 2016. We had recently relocated our young family from South Australia to Queensland and in the process had introduced our young children to a new childcare, a new climate, and new illnesses.
With us both working full time, and little family support in a new city, we had little option other than to call the doctor, accept the diagnosis and administer round after round of antibiotics.
It took a frantic call from daycare in our third month in Brisbane, a hurried visit to the doctor, and a 24 hour stay in intensive care for us to begin to look at the possibility that there may be a further underlying issue.
A caring doctor spent a great deal of time with us and explained in detail the importance of gut health for everyone, particularly for our little ones. Based on her recommendation we immediately introduced probiotics into our family diet, and quickly became the healthy happy family we had been prior to the move.
Our passion was born.
We believe in living life healthy. We have spent countless hours researching probiotic health, and sought the very best suppliers for a product that we believe will keep our family fit, happy and healthy long into the future.
It is exactly this product that we share with you here.
PONO probiotics is a journey we plan to take as a family to ensure we enjoy a long, happy and healthy life. We hope we can encourage as many people as possible to share that journey with us.
Please connect with us at any time if you have any questions about any of our products, or would love to share your story.