improve your sleep with probiotics

How you can improve your sleep with probiotics

PONO Probiotics ambassador Jess Blair wants to share how probiotics can improve your sleep.
As qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist, Jess is passionate about people getting enough sleep to help the body rest and heal.
Did you know that we spend more than one third of our lives asleep? but we often are not truely getting the restorative sleep we need to combat the busy and stressful lives many of us lead.
Why is sleep so important?
Our sleep affects our memory, mood, our immune system and hormones. We are aware that having interrupted or low quality sleep often affects these areas negatively, but even more so when it is during high times of stress in our lives. This is when Jess also sees a rise of patients whose bodies are unable to recover from the common cold and flu. It is a vicious cycle.
So how do probiotics and sleep go hand in hand?
Melatonin is a sleep hormone and studies have show that probiotics can increase blood levels of tryptophan, which converts into serotonin (happy hormone) then into melatonin (sleepy hormone); therefore probiotics not only have a lasting effect on our moods, immunity and skin health, it can directly impact the quality of sleep we get.
Who can benefit from probiotics?
The answer is everyone! PONO Probiotics is  an Australian made, high quality product caters for families, to the corporate traveller, shift workers and especially the busy parent, all whom need restorative sleep.
PONO probiotics wants to encourage all Australians to enjoy a restful night sleep and enjoy the benefits of good gut health.
So, grab some probiotics add it to your smoothie and enjoy that restful sleep tonight!
 Jess Blair -

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