Why you need to make PONO Probiotics your travel buddy.

Why you need to make PONO Probiotics your travel buddy.

Did you know that in 2017 Australians made more than 47.9 million domestic trips and 34 out of every 100 Australians travelled overseas.

In knowing this, you imagine the potential stress this can place on the immune system of an individual and highlights the importance of building good gut health whilst travelling.

Why take a probiotic when travelling?

Whether you are travelling for business, heading to the ski slopes or escaping winter for sunshine, here are the main reasons you need a probiotic before you board your next flight.

  1. By taking a probiotic when travelling you are boosting your immunity, assisting digestive balance and building a healthy gut to fight off any travel bugs you may encounter.
  2. Taking a probiotic can ease bloating and discomfort often associated with flying.
  3. By increasing the good bacteria within your internal tract your body will be prepared to fight off foreign gut invaders that you may encounter in your travels.
  4. Different locations can have varying effects on your gut and travelling to a foreign region can be one of the biggest triggers to upset your gut.
  5. Bacteria and parasites can have a greater effect if you are stressed and adapting to the changing time zones.


Some of the most frequently asked questions PONO is asked in relation to taking a probiotic when travelling is when to start and how to travel with them. We have made this clear and simple with the points below. 

  • The best time to start taking a probiotic is now. The best defence against unwanted stomach bacteria is to use PONO probiotics both before, during and after you travel. 
  • We recommend taking it daily. 


How to travel with PONO

  • PONO Tummy Tonic – Take an unopened bottle away with you. Add the tonic to your water bottle each day whilst travelling out and about to keep refreshed, hydrated and ensure your gut remains healthy. 
  • PONO Coconut, Coconut Plus and Gorgeous Greens - Take an unopened PONO probiotics tub on your trip. Take it throughout your travels and ensure you are storing it correctly. You can dosage out your daily amount and keep it in an iced cooler bag for up to 8 hours before reaching your destination if needed.
  • If you are travelling domestically for the day you could make PONO probiotic bliss balls to snack on when on the plane.


PONO Travel tips children

  • Take their water/milk bottle on the flight with PONO Baby probiotics in it
  • We encourage you to continue your child's probiotic intake throughout the trip. Take an unopened PONO on your flight and commence as per normal when you reach your destination.
  • If you are just going on a short trip mix PONO into probiotic bliss balls or gummies to snack on.


We hope these tips were handy and if you are heading off on a holiday....
Safe Travels!
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Lauren Kelly, Health PR / PONO PR Manager
& Jess Blair, Naturopath and Nutritionist

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