Benefits of probiotics in babies and infants

Written By Daina Lindsay - April 01 2017


June 08 2018

This is a good thing about probiotics. It adds good bacteria and fights the bad bacteria so babies really needs it. Thanks for sharing this info.

Katy Shortt
May 01 2017


Do you ship to the UK & do you know the charge please?

My daughter is 19 weeks she was six weeks early due to my waters breaking at 21week managed to hold on to her till then! We have exclusively BF minus the aptamil she had to have while waiting for my milk to come in.
Having the aptamil in NICU upset her tummy and bowels. Symptoms seem to disappear minus the excessive gas which grew steadily worse which now resulted in frequently watery stools and major distress and pain. Have tried to rule out things from diet but to no avail! So starting again whilst I wait to see a gastroenterology consultant.
I feel there’s a level of gut immaturity from problems with placenta during pregnancy and being early!
Am really hoping you ship! As your the first child probiotics from birth I have found !

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