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Benefits of probiotics in babies and infants

Many people know that probiotics are good for babies, and adults, but don't know the reasoning behind why?

Trillions of bacteria already live in your own GI tract and your babies, some things interrupt these and wipe out the good bacteria, such as stress, sickness, environmental toxins. Babies that are born through the birth canal contract some of their mothers 'microbes'. Babies that are born via c section miss out on getting their mothers microbes, and end up with a different type of flora. When you nurse your baby, you help build up this healthy bacteria. Your milk contains pre-biotics which help this good bacteria to grow and flourish in your baby. 

By adding probiotics or 'good bacteria' into your Childs GI tract you are encouraging good bacteria to flourish and to wipe out the bad bacteria.  

PONO probiotic powder provides an extensive array of different strains of probiotics that are all beneficial to infants wellbeing. It is suitable for 0 months up to 7 years of age! It can be added to bottle or breast milk, and for older children into glass of milk or water. 

As with adults probiotics in children and infants help with their immune system, helps with any bowel or stomach upsets such as colic, diarrhoea and antibiotic diarrhoea. It also helps with skin conditions such as eczema, asthma, preventing common colds and allergies. 

- Jess Blair 
Naturopath, Nutritionist. 
Jess Blair is a Brisbane based nutritionist, naturopath, personal trainer and mum of two. She is a passionate health advocate, and loves talking about nutrition and giving easy to follow advice to her clients.
For bookings contact : and for more health tips and nutrition advise follow her blog follow her at @jessblair12
  • Katy Shortt says...


    Do you ship to the UK & do you know the charge please?

    My daughter is 19 weeks she was six weeks early due to my waters breaking at 21week managed to hold on to her till then! We have exclusively BF minus the aptamil she had to have while waiting for my milk to come in.
    Having the aptamil in NICU upset her tummy and bowels. Symptoms seem to disappear minus the excessive gas which grew steadily worse which now resulted in frequently watery stools and major distress and pain. Have tried to rule out things from diet but to no avail! So starting again whilst I wait to see a gastroenterology consultant.
    I feel there’s a level of gut immaturity from problems with placenta during pregnancy and being early!
    Am really hoping you ship! As your the first child probiotics from birth I have found !

    On May 01, 2017

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