Daycare and Probiotics, the winning combo!

Daycare and Probiotics, the winning combo!

When your little loved one starts day care, it usually means you are heading back into the workforce after maternity leave. This is already a challenging time due to the changing routine, but what can make it even more stressful is the phone calls from daycare to come and collect your child because he or she has a cold, hand foot and mouth disease, croup, bronchiolitis, conjunctivitis, diarrhoea, a rash, the list goes on, and on, and on!!!!

I found myself leaving work every fortnight for the first 6 months when my daughter started day care. Not only is it horrible seeing your child sick all the time, but it also makes it very difficult to seem professional at work when you are having to duck out and "work from home" in order to look after them. You get stressed because you feel like you are letting work down, but you also feel like you are letting down your little one.

If only I had been educated on the importance of building a strong immune system before starting daycare.

With every member of the family taking probiotics on a daily basis you will be building a robust immune system to help fight off the nasties and reduce the length of any infections. A good balance of bacteria in your gut improves your overall wellbeing.

So my tip for you, is to take probiotics each day.  Make it your daily routine.  We personally enjoying making a yummy smoothie or sprinkling it over our yoghurt or cereal.  

With the winter months moving in, it is the perfect time to make a simple change that will benefit the whole family.

Live healthy, live happy and love PONO





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