Mother's Day with Jodie, aka Bondi Mumma

Mother's Day with Jodie, aka Bondi Mumma

She is the modern mumma who's Instagram name clearly portrays the lifestyle she has at Australia’s iconic Bondi beach, which she shares with her husband and three gorgeous boys. With a following of more than 45 thousand Jodie, from
Bondi Mumma, is a mumma muse we had to know more about.
With her passion, honesty and motivation to keep her family in balance and healthy we feel so honoured to share with you all PONO’s one-on-one interview with Jodie.

Congratulations on winning Bondi Mother of the Year! What did it feel like to win this?
Thank- you! To be honest it was an absolute shock, I’ve never won anything in my life and looking at who I was up against I honestly didn't think I had a chance. It was such an honour to be recognised for the one thing that is truly is my biggest passion in life - being a mother!
Tell us about Bondi Mumma; what drove you to start the blog?
I started Bondi_Mumma when my second son Rocco was born. It was at the time when I felt very isolated (& sleep deprived). A friend of mine suggested this little app called Instagram where I thankfully found this awesome network of supportive mothers who were all going through the same thing. It was an outlet for me to share (may have overshared a few times) my journey as a mother with like-minded women. It was honestly a godsend and helped me through those first few tough years. 
How has motherhood changed you?
The first word that comes to mind is Patience! I have so much patience now! Motherhood has pushed me beyond what I thought my limits were many times, but I somehow survived each and every time. I have definitely grown stronger with each child I have had. 
What are the greatest lessons motherhood has taught you? 
I’ve learnt that life isn't about me anymore, I can survive on very little sleep, can multi task like a demon and having a good old cry now and again is good for the soul. 
What piece of advice would you like to share with other Mums about motherhood?
My biggest thing is don't be afraid to show your children your weaknesses and I honestly don't think parenting your children the same way works. We are all born with our own personalities and all require different needs. 
What is the most challenging aspect about motherhood for you? Do you feel particular pressures?
The biggest pressure for me is the daily juggle. Driving the boys around to their endless activities, homework, naps, feeding EVERYONE! I honestly feel like I am always preparing a snack for someone.  I do worry if I’m giving each child (and husband!) the right amount of love and support. I think as a parent the worry and stress NEVER ENDS!

What drives you to maintain a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family?
My husband and I are both very active and love leading healthy lifestyles. It’s our responsibility and main goal as parents to raise and guide these beautiful boys of ours of the importance of healthy eating and regular exercise. It honestly makes me so happy when I see my kids order something healthy when we are out. We just love living by the ocean, most nights you will find us down at the beach. So good for the soul!
How do you find balance in your life especially with your husband and close friendships? Do you make time for yourself as well?
My husband and I try and go out on ‘date night’ once a  fortnight. One of the best pieces of advice I was given is - your children will grow up and leave the family nest, so your relationship with your partner is/if not the most important one. I think it’s so important for our kids to see how happy we are and that we have our own life outside the family home. On the weekend I love to catch up with a girlfriend and go for a long beach walk and gossip! Great way to clear my mind. 
How do you manage time with your family and work each week? can you share any tips?
I’ll be honest I don't think I’m the best person to ask for ‘time management’ tips, I’m still trying to figure this one out myself! First and foremost, family time always comes first. Weekends are our favourite time to bunker down for some serious family time.  We really try to not book too many social things in over the weekend and just be us. I try to allocate an hour to work/emails when Beau is asleep during the week, but it doesn't always work out that way. As I said I’m still trying to figure the work/life balance out. 



Thank you Jodie! 
We hope you have a magical Mother's Day with your boys





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