Your Mind & Body

Your Mind & Body

Float your worries away...

by Lauren Kelly.


Do you just need to stop?
Do you suffer from a chronic physcial or psychological (anxiety, depression, PTSD) illness?
Do you need more ‘help’ to relax and unwind?
Are you constantly exhausted?
Do you want to improve your mental state, memory and creativity and literacy skills?

If you answered YES to even one of these questions, I may just have uncovered some relief for you. The answer is simple you just need to float (Float? you say out aloud, I know you just have!)

Remember back in school swimming when you were timed how long you could float for? Well this is not the same so you can release that big sigh of release ( It was a stressful time as a youngin’ I remember too). 

Ok lets start at the top, how do you float and relax for an hour? Well its actually quite simple. A float tank holds 25cm of water with over 600kg of Epsom salts dissolved. The salts cause the water to become dense so you instantly float (OMG! Pregnant women I hear you all rejoicing here). Now we have the technical, logistics/must know-how-to-float understood lets move onto the good parts…how unbelievably FANTASTIC it will make you feel. 

Without gravity and sensory interruptions (i.e. our devices) you are able to experience a deep sense of calmness and clarity while the brain releases dopamine and endorphins to heal, de-stress and re-energise your mind and body. 

Below I have included a link that will take you to several studies that will teach you how the therapy could assist you. But for now lets talk about me (sounds a bit obnoxious doesn't it..) and why I thought I would give this therapy a go.

1 - I am 25 weeks pregnant and starting to feel the weight #alloverOmpaLumpaStatus
2 - I burst the largest vain in the back of my leg being on my feet too much with moving house and running after Jack and it was starting to cause me a lot of discomfort.
3 - I have Rheumatoid arthritis and had a lot of problems with my hands and lower back in my last pregnancy.
4 - Overall, with the move, being away from family, study, freelance, being a mummy to JJH and accepting I will have two boys soon I was starting to feel tired, overwhelmed and from time-to-time anxious.

Prior to the float this is where I was at (in a dot-point form nutshell). After extensive research (TIP - look at reviews & talk to the staff to discuss your own needs) I decided on the FLOAT Space, Brisbane for my first float. When I walked in the environment was calm and I was in the space to feel calm. The staff were friendly, bare-foot and just as relaxed as I knew I wanted to be #FLOATgoals. After I received in-depth information about floating I was ready to get started and at first I panicked. I questioned would I feel claustrophobic? what if the lid doesn't open? I had to really focus to stop my brain and move into my meditation space. The bump and I were ready to float and float we did. I was surprised by the instant lift upon getting into the water. I shut the lid over, turned off the lights and committed to the next hour in the pod just me and bub ready to relax. I was surprised after about ten minutes of meditation I was in and out of sleep and slowly moved into a deeper sleep. Before I knew it the hour was up and an hour felt long enough for me.
I had an instant glow. Physically my body, skin and hair was glowing. The pain in my leg had dissipated and one week on it has improved. The general pregnancy aches have gone and lessened and I felt good. Mentally I felt relaxed and the best head-space I had been in, in weeks. I gave myself, my body and my mind the therapy it needed to heal and re-energise without even saying one word (Could this be the ends of some therapists work I wonder?). 

It has now been one week and I am still feeling good but will book in for another float next week as I feel, for me, I will need to attend every 3-4 weeks to receive the full benefits of float therapy. 

Float therapy benefits are truely endless. Whilst I feel its better to experience first hand than read but maybe this post has enticed your curiosity (I know you want to float as well) to see just how a float could send your worries, aches and pains away...

Lauren Kelly

Adelaide born Lauren began her career in State and Federal Politics while finishing her degree in Public Relations from the University of South Australia.

Upon completing her degree Lauren moved to Sydney where she worked across medical, health, wellness and the not-for-profit sector. She then moved into in house roles across the waste and resources industry and property.

A Public Relations professional and strategist Lauren has further completed university study across Media, Communication, Politics and Public Policy. She is now studying a Bachelor of Health Science with a focus on naturopathy and nutrition. She also has her own website, Hunter and Rose Lifestyle which brings together a mix of health and wellness, travel and lifestyle, pregnancy, motherhood and kids.

Lauren has since moved to Brisbane, to be with her partner and has one son Jack with another boy on the way.

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